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    The Rise of Drug Abuse in America

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Statistics indicate that abuse of prescription drugs is on the rise, and with it, an increase in the number of people who take heroin. This video reports on why heroin abuse is growing in the United States.

    Research points to a strong link between the concurrent increase in prescription opioid and heroin addiction. Millions of individuals begin taking prescription drugs to alleviate the side effects of pain from injury, disease, or surgery. Unfortunately, this behavior can lead to a dependence on these drugs. If an addicted person can no longer obtain prescription opioids, he may turn to heroin, as it is more affordable and attainable.

    Narco Freedom Inc. can help you defeat your heroin addiction. To learn more about our substance abuse treatment in NYC, call our Bronx office at (718) 292-4640. 

    Are You at Risk for Alcoholism?

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Alcoholism often develops so slowly and subtly that an addict cannot recognize his disease. It also evolves due to a number of physical and psychological factors to which anyone can be susceptible. That is why it is important to be aware of the conditions that could lead to alcoholism. By knowing what circumstances can prompt this problem, you can take the necessary measures to avoid them.

    You drink often with friends

    Your habits can influence your health. If you exercise regularly, you can develop healthy muscles and bones. If you sleep a minimum of eight hours a day, you are bound to be rested and alert each morning. If you drink on a nightly basis, you can develop a dependence on alcohol. Engaging in activities that involve alcohol can progress to alcoholism. You may initially use alcohol as a means to be more social with your friends, but over time, this behavior can cause you to become physically reliant on it.

    You have parents or siblings with alcohol addiction problems

    Many studies have looked at the connection between family history and alcoholism. Evidence shows that when you have an immediate family member with an alcohol problem, you can be more vulnerable to developing one yourself. It does not guarantee that you will one day suffer from alcohol addiction, but if you regularly consume alcohol, you may be more likely to have a substance abuse issue.

    You suffer from mental illness

    Alcohol is abused so frequently because it allows individuals to temporarily forget their negative feelings. If you suffer from mental illness such as depression, the emotions you experience may feel too overwhelming to handle on your own. As a result, you may be prone to use alcohol as a way to dull your emotional pain or discomfort.

    Narco Freedom Inc. has the tools you need to combat your alcohol addiction issues. Our center for substance abuse treatment in NYC can help you identify the reasons for your addiction and find ways to address them. For more information on the services that our center offers to the greater Bronx community, call (718) 292-4640. 

    The Early Stages of Ritalin Abuse

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Many people feel the pressure of trying to accomplish too much in too little time. College students in particular may experience high levels of stress when deadlines mount. Regardless of age or profession, though, individuals turn to Ritalin to help them become more productive. This prescription drug can give users a considerable boost of energy and concentration that becomes invaluable when studying for exams or completing a presentation. However, this drug is only a temporary fix. Once its effects wear off, users can suffer from extreme exhaustion, which makes another fix all the more attractive. As with many drugs, Ritalin can cause users to build a tolerance, resulting in greater abuse to attain the same effects.

    Narco Freedom Inc. can help you or your loved one overcome the addiction of Ritalin. Our Bronx-based facility provides comprehensive substance abuse treatment in NYC. To learn more about our addiction recovery services, call (718) 292-4640 or visit our website.

    Understanding the Stages of Addiction

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Addiction is a condition that few people anticipate, which makes it all the more dangerous. Whether the use of a drug begins with a doctor’s prescription or a friend’s insistence, this activity can quickly escalate into a situation where a person feels compelled to take it regardless of harm to himself or others. In some cases, a drug user has a physical reliance on the drug that forces him to keep using it. The stages of addiction can help explain how the process starts and where it eventually ends. 

    It Begins with Experimentation

    Smoking marijuana, snorting cocaine, and injecting heroin are activities that a person might engage in as a way to enjoy his time with friends. For instance, a quick hit at a party can make an individual feel more at ease around others. The positive feelings that initially develop from recreational drug use become the catalyst for future use. A person may continue these habits to experience the high he felt again and again.

    It Evolves to Mistreatment

    Mistreatment begins when a drug user feels dependent on the drug to garner the good sensation he cannot otherwise attain. At the same time, individuals who take drugs more frequently often keep their behavior to themselves. Rarely are friends or family members aware of these activities.

    It Develops into Abuse

    Once a person reaches the stage of abuse, his drug of choice has taken center stage in his life. Getting the fix he needs becomes of primary importance to the exclusion of all else, including his family, friends, and job. Others may recognize that the drug user is acting in a strange way, as he may become highly secretive or defensive about his behavior.

    It Progresses as Dependence

    Dependence typically marks a physical need for a particular drug. Through his drug usage, an addict has changed the makeup of his body, which now craves the drug to perform as needed. This can make an abuser desperate to obtain the drug through dangerous or illegal means.

    Do you suspect that a loved one may be addicted to drugs? Call Narco Freedom Inc. today at (718) 292-4640 for more information about drug abuse treatment in NYC. Our substance abuse treatment services can provide your friend or family member with the assistance he needs to permanently free himself from his addiction. 

    Common Reasons that People Take Drugs

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Substance abuse treatment can address not only the physical effects of drug addiction, but also the emotional triggers that lead to its usage. This video highlights some of the reasons why people turn to drugs.

    Drug use can fulfill a legitimate need. Individuals suffering from acute or chronic pain may use drugs to alleviate their discomfort. However, some people take drugs to relieve an emotional state they do not want to feel. Individuals with workplace anxiety or domestic stress might consume drugs to dissipate the daily strain they experience. Others may simply have a lack of stimulation in their lives. Adolescents are particularly susceptible to taking drugs as a combatant to boredom.

    Narco Freedom Inc. provides outpatient drug abuse treatment in NYC for adolescents and adults. Call us today at (718) 292-4640 for more information. 

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